It Seems…

29 11 2013

…as if I cannot go one day anymore with creating drama. It isn’t something I mean to do, it just happens. I don’t put all the blame on myself, because I don’t believe that would be fair to me. I can’t sit back and stay quiet when my rights and my feelings are being stamped upon. I also need to learn to think for five seconds before I say stupid things that come out of my mouth that I regret later. Ahhh, life. Full of so many problems and decisions and dilemmas, and no one really can tell you how to handle the whole mess. Love and laughter help, they help a great deal, but  when one or both are absent where shall one turn? I must begin within myself, and look for that happy place that I so often ignore or push to the back burner in my pursuit of happiness outside myself-a silly phenomenon of mine, but not uncommon, in my opinion. That is where I must start. That is my plan to begin anew.




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