So I’m at a Point

21 06 2013

Where I’m not unhappy or bored by any means. Most of the time I’m still on cloud nine. Having him want and need me is more than I ever asked for (well, no, I actually hoped and prayed for it every day for months, but anyway… ;P). It’s just that when you put someone on a pedestal, and then find out that even being in a relationship with that person has its trials and tribulations, it can be somewhat of a…bummer? That’s not my kinda lingo at all but it’s more lighthearted than some alternatives. It’s just that I tend to put up with a lot to stay in a relationship, and I really don’t wanna end up blowing up at him sometime down the line. How do you work this relationship thing? I really don’t have that much experience given that my last relationship lasted two months at its longest point (long story that I’m NOT getting into). Plus that was when I was seventeen. This is really my first big-girl relationship in my opinion. There’s a lot at stake, in more ways than one, and I need to tread carefully. I’m still super-happy though 🙂




2 responses

21 06 2013

I have learned to never, ever place anyone on a pedestal – unless they are marble. 🙂

21 06 2013

Very good point 🙂

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