Well blah…

23 09 2012

So yesterday, my mom took our car in to fix the crankshaft and brakes. When we got the car back, it still wasn’t working right, so we had to sit in the shop for another fifteen minutes until they fixed it. Then we went to eat, and when we got out, we noticed that we had a missing hubcap. We hunted for it for a good two hours, and when we got home our mail box had blown open in the blustery Indiana wind and our mail was strewn across the street. We also temporarily lost our car key whilst collecting the mail. Did I mention that my yearly astrology book said that yesterday was a good day for me? This is why we must take horoscopes with a grain of salt-or maybe even less. Maybe with a piece of dust would be best.

On a high note, I’m on Songza listening to alt-pop (one of the best genres in my opinion). My feet are freezing. It is September, people. September! Ah, well. Perhaps it’ll warm up again soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.




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