Tree Lights On The Fritz?

20 12 2013

Very cute, just in time for the warm and fuzzy holidays!



17 12 2013

Still feeling semi-okay. The crying fits in the middle of the night are still there, but I am able to put him out of my mind more now. I dunno.

Too Soon?

10 12 2013

Is it strange that I feel this calm already? Or normal? Am I in denial? I don’t feel like I am. I know that what happened sucked, and sucked big-time. I think that it’s just that being single feels great right now, because I was so tired of worrying about every little thing he did. I dunno. Maybe I need to stop thinking about it.


8 12 2013

Why…no more listening to your stupid ideas, heart.

Crying, Inside and Out

3 12 2013

I am so full of conflicted ideas and emotions right now. One person will say he’s done, another that he’s cheating, and yet another that he just needs space. Why did he just simply stop texting me? And in the middle of the day, at that? Yes, we had two huge fights, but true love is supposed to withstand all of that crap.

The one good thing that has come out of this sad situation so far is that I now can see who really has my back. That I actually do, indeed, have friends. And that I can make it through anything with all of their love and support. The two lucky pennies I found today must mean something, and something good. I just want to be happy.

It Seems…

29 11 2013

…as if I cannot go one day anymore with creating drama. It isn’t something I mean to do, it just happens. I don’t put all the blame on myself, because I don’t believe that would be fair to me. I can’t sit back and stay quiet when my rights and my feelings are being stamped upon. I also need to learn to think for five seconds before I say stupid things that come out of my mouth that I regret later. Ahhh, life. Full of so many problems and decisions and dilemmas, and no one really can tell you how to handle the whole mess. Love and laughter help, they help a great deal, but  when one or both are absent where shall one turn? I must begin within myself, and look for that happy place that I so often ignore or push to the back burner in my pursuit of happiness outside myself-a silly phenomenon of mine, but not uncommon, in my opinion. That is where I must start. That is my plan to begin anew.


25 10 2013

So it’s been two months since I posted on here? I’m sorry, blogosphere, I wasn’t aware, I really wasn’t. Anyhow, I’m back 🙂 I am afraid that I may be coming down with my second cold of the Fall season so far, but what are you gonna do, right? Anyway, not much else is happening. It’s almost been six months that I’ve been with my boyfriend, so that’s awesome. Really awesome! But yeah, nothing else has changed much. I’m a college journalist? I guess that’s cool? It’s stressful at times, that’s for sure. And I’m on two committees in the Honors Program on campus. That pretty much  sums up my crazy-stressful semester right now.